Barista! Specification

Author: David Southwick

Purpose: Light-weight, simple, silly shareware game (price target $10).

Premise: Alchemy with coffee. Godzilla vs. Starbucks! “Godzilla walks into a coffee-ship. Threatens firey death if he doesn’t quickly get a grande-chai-latte-no-whip-frappe-with-cinnamon. Starts ordering faster, more garbled (eating a Tokyo-ite, smaller monster).

Beat the clock, beat by enough, you get a tip either money, knowledge (where treasure is hidden, how to make another cup of coffee, how to become a better monster), or piece of mothra.

Limited angle of motion, click and manipulate different objects to combine and create a drink, fill an order.

Pick up the whipped cream can and make sure to shake it enough. Pull down the cup at the right rate of speed to prevent steam.  

Optional piece to need to yell at a certain decibel level by yelling out the drink order "I've got a grande white mocha!" to have the person come and pick it up.

In the end, you and godzilla share a frappichino - two straws.

<very rough, very incomplete spec>


Source Code Control: CVS

IDE: Eclipse

Frameworks: Xith3d on top of JOGL

Bug/Feature Tracking: Bugzilla


Required Features: (in no particular or sensical order)

1. All files are DOS compliant (8 character name, 3 letter extension)

2. Stereo sound

3. Assignable keys

4. Serial Number, registration launch to website

5. Save individual game

6. Serial Number registration through Kagi or paypal