Lab Rat

LabRat 1.5 is coming!

Another day, another maze, another piece of cheese. That's the way it's been for you don't remember how long. But recently, things have been slightly different. For one thing, the mazes have been getting easier. At least the ones you've done before. Left, right, right, left... in fact, you are beginning to remember that you've done most of the mazes before. What surprised you the most, however, was when you were able to read the paper beneath your cage... Discovering you busy catching up on the sports page one day, the scientists began to make the mazes harder... more twists and turns, doors operated by trivia questions, and... cats?!? Well... you are pretty sure that you can handle all of these. If only you could figure out why your cheese has been tasting funny recently...

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download Java3D for your platform of choice:

  2. Download latest Version of Lab Rat and launch it

Public Alpha 1.1: (soon to become 1.5)