(yes, I know that isn’t a shotgun!)

Project Shotgun


A project to plan and decide on a light-weight, simple shareware (target price $10-$15) game. Looking to identify several possible game ideas, the wackier the better. The better game ideas should be spun out into a proper product specification to begin planning and development.

Game idea 1 - Tilt:

    Cube is many onion layers. Levels are translucent to the current layer the player is on. Mouse moves cube in 3 dimensions, as do arrow keys and asdw. To move the camera around, hold command and move mouse or jkli.

    Every time the ball hits a wall at a speed above n1 a “clink” sound plays that is at the volume for that pllink.

    The ball should avoid springs, black hoes, water hazards, fire holes, ball shattering places, magnets(?). Play will be rewarded when the ball rolls over items for more lives, time extensions, stickness, and on time-sensitive levels--time extensions. Player may also be rewarded by fast, “plinking” pieces to get to the other side of the

    After 4-5 levels, the player will be required to put in strategic obstacles to make the level complete-able (ala Enigmo, Lemmings).

    Throughout the game the escape key and command-q (on the mac) are always detected immediately.

Various background pictures to the levels “the outside”. Holodeck grid, meadow,

Game idea 2  - Barista!:

    Alchemy with coffee. Godzilla vs. Starbucks! “Godzilla walks into a coffee-ship. Threatens firey death if he doesn’t quickly get a grande-chai-latte-no-whip-frappe-with-cinnamon. Starts ordering faster, more garbled (eating a Tokyo-ite, smaller monster).

Beat the clock, beat by enough, you get a tip either money, knowledge (where treasure is hidden, how to make another cup of coffee, how to become a better monster), or piece of mothra.

Limited angle of motion, click and manipulate different objects to combine and create a drink, fill an order.

Pick up the whipped cream can and make sure to shake it enough. Pull down the cup at the right rate of speed to prevent steam.  

Game idea 3 - Break the system :

    Sequential gameplay, now figure out how to break the sequence

Game idea 4 - Tin Pepperpots :

    Daleks in 3 dimensions. 3 dimensional grid. Still need to move the world around like in game idea 1.

Game idea 5 - Ninjas Vs. Pirates - Go Pirates! - Arrr! :

    Ninjas vs. Pirates. Party games. Put more parrots or nunchucks in the barrel.

Game idea 6 - LabRat :

    Refactor the codebase we have from 1.0.1 to something more useful, playable, enjoyable. Portions will require significant rewrite, but it’s not all bad and we don’t have to start completely from scratch. Possibly use engine out of LabRat for any of the rest of these projects.

“A grapeshot of game ideas”

David Southwick    dsouthwick@mac.com